Sketchnote – Lucy Kimbell ‘Rethinking Design Thinking Part 1’

This is my first posting in the Masters Of Design Futures blog, and first sketchnote I’ve attempted of a research paper. After a gap in studying academically, analysis and synthesis of this paper, not just a casual read was an ‘eye (read mind) opener’.

Kimbell’s framing of issues with design thinking and the language of design is accompanied by the discussion of what is a designer.  She also provides a ‘deep dive’ into the history of ‘design thinking’ pre the prominent  Tim Brown and Roger Martin. This paper discusses Brown and Martins shaping the conversation of design thinking in the public and corporate spheres. (This was my first exposure to the term truth be told) and some of the issues including how this has affected the discussion around what it is to be a designer and who is.

Sketchnote of Kimbells - Rethinking Design Thinking: Part 1
Sketchnote of Kimbell’s – Rethinking Design Thinking: Part 1

Kimbell proposes rethinking design thinking within a network of practitioners, stakeholders and users ‘known and unknown’. Drawing on disciplines can inform a designer of the world, especially valuable if they are designing in a context that is outside their domain and culture.

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